Concoctions of Obsession and Desire and the Art in Organisations

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Das Beste oder nichts.

_A drive for quality, that represents an ambition of a suspicious level_

Move from the artificial to the artistic in the technology of intelligence.

_Heartfelt applications for creativity and wonder, we are no machines_

Climb all 2000m plus mountains in Italy with a group of friends.

_A stage to experience life differently, a theater piece to last for years_

Let people save smart. 

_Save and smart are hard things to do in an age of conspicuous consumption, the rites of perseverance_

Political prisoners cannot be abandoned, ever.

_Activation of the normally silent people of good will_

Just run every Saturday morning at 8:15 am the same route with people who do the same. 

_Nothing else is needed, pure minimalism_

Produce a Chilean wine that competes with the best from Bordeaux.

_A quest for micro-terroirs in unusual locations, patience embodied_

Revalue air travel to make its ecological footprint sustainable.

_Abstinence and de-commoditisation for re-appreciation_