when the organisation becomes an algorithm. or how you might value the idea of the purposeful social space and spend some time in paris.



Is the natural way for organisations to evolve to become programmed collections of activities? 

Do organisations become closed systems that are reigned by the algorithms built to accomplish defined outcomes in a dynamic environment? These algorithms might even adjust themselves to guarantee continuous optimalisation. The algorithms determine the workings of the organisation and define the indicators that employees, suppliers, outside workers and managers have to meet. And all the data generated by their actions is fed back into the system to decide on the terms of the engagement with the organisation or to just cease the relationship. The algorithm-ised organisation is the logical and superior outcome of human ingenuity aiming for efficiency, effective allocation of scarcity and for never failing predictability.

This is the reality of Uber and Facebook. And they are just the beginning. 


Or is there another natural evolution? 

Can people make the difference in other ways than writing code? Is there room for free will, beauty, explicit choices, fairness in the distribution of power, common purposes? Can we imagine other starting points and building blocks to design and create the wonder of human cooperation?

This fall we want to investigate another avenue to the future of the organisation in a three day work session in Paris: putting the idea of the purposeful social space to work.


For more information: http://www.purposefulsocialspace.com/paris2016/