THE FULL COLOUR STRATEGY eliminates the greyness of narrow business thinking

Creating the new form of organising human endeavour as embodied in the concept of the purposeful social space requires new design strategies. As mentioned in earlier posts there are various approaches to overcome the vacuum of responsibility as a barrier to build those new forms. The full colour strategie is a hands-on approach to take strategy and organisation beyond the narrow constraints of the organisation as a business centered entity.

The full colour strategy does take current strategic questions as a starting point. In this it recognises the perceived reality of the leaders in organisations. Yet it looks for answers in the fullness and magnificence of human existence. It takes the richness of the whole man as the gauge for creating organisation that are the truly human artifacts that bring about great things. 

The full colour strategy takes new dimensions into account that will help to create meaningful organisation as purposeful social spaces, organisations that are iconic and stand attractively out from sameness.

Investigating the moral compass that guides an organisation though the contradiction of current day complexity provides input for new creativity.

 Adding beauty to the equation of strategy enables imagination that touches hearts and souls and make the space worthwhile beyond its functional attributes. 

The full colour strategy is about design in the sense that is about the object (the space) but even more about the experience and the effects of being in that space and interacting with all the actors.  

Moving from pushing solutions to relevant markets towards creating the pull for the creation of solution for a common purpose, leaves room for people to act in their free will.

In the proces of building new social spaces the full colour strategy taps generously into the richness of art and culture as the eternal and contemporary sources of the human essence. They provide marvelous material to enhance ideas, create new languages and images of strategic thinking.

The full colour strategy helps to bridge to current to the new along the lines of wonder and creativity, true human attributes which make all difference.