the EXPLICIT NOTION OF DESIRE as the common story and aspiration for the creation of a purposeful social space

In the creation of a purposeful social space one of the challenges is the vacuum of responsibility (see previous update). One way to overcome this obstacle is the explicit notion of desire. 


The purpose is the reason for a social space to exist. A purpose is based on a desire. 

The desire is the driver to create, to act. When the desire becomes conscious and it can be expressed, a notion emerges. There is something that can be discussed, amended, embraced and rejected.

And in that notion lies the start of communication between the actors of the space to be created. Being it explicit, the notion is the starting point for action. The narrative of the desire envisages and feeds a common aspiration to organise and build the space. New responsibilities to build and maintain the common materialisation of the space emerge. The notion guides the elements of the purposeful social spacetowards their specific forms which constitute and maintain the space. 

Although the proces of design and creation might be complex or straight forward, without the explicit notion of desire the movement will have little impulse and be only of coincidental merit. 

So the idea is that explicit notion of desire is a remedy to overcome the vacuum of responsibility. What does it mean in practice? 

At Stordes we spend quite some time and thoughts to develop that explicit notion of desire. We put a lot of effort in the essence and the beauty and translate those ideas in forms which communicate, interact and activate. This work engages people in their free will and supersedes boundaries of responsibilities. In the end the explicit notion of desire is the inevitable starting point.