creational movements to fill the vacuum of responsibility in the dilemma of leadership and free will

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Building a purposeful social space that is beyond the boundaries of current notions of organisation caries a kind of intrinsic dilemma. It is the dilemma of leadership and free will. Without free will the space is in danger of losing its openness, its optimism, its power of beauty, its creativity and commitment. Without leadership the space may find it difficult to make trade-offs and move to a real accentuation of meaning and form. 

This dilemma needs new design strategies to be solved. And who will take the lead in this?

The current setting of organisations rely on a kind of demand and supply mechanism that creates various kinds of borders between mental roles that people have and between areas of responsibility. Current leadership of organisations is not incentivised to take responsibility for a new space beyond those borders, while many players do not feel empowered to do their part in the creation of a mutual space. So that leaves the responsibility for a the creation of a purposeful social space in vacuum and the required design strategies remain dormant.

How can we nevertheless start to shape that space?

As a propagator of purposeful social spaces Stordes continuously develops various approaches and attitudes to solve the dilemma and the responsibility vacuum. It is an evolving body of thoughts and practices which constitute a new set of design strategies. The following are examples of these way of working.


The explicit notion of desire helps to create a common story and aspiration

The full colour strategy opens up the limitations of narrow business thinking

The shifting of scales and spheres creates appropriate levels of comfort and abstraction

The inclusion of complex reality allows to navigate the going concern 

These approaches have various stages of maturity and completeness. Yet, it is a quality that suits the innovative character of the work at hand. They are contributions to bring forward the design, materialisation and activation of a purposeful social space.