a great source for new organisational relevance

your forgot to kiss my soul t.enim.jpg

‘You forgot to kiss my soul’. The artwork by Tracy Enim made me think, because it is probably very true for many more organisations than we want to believe. 

I think I am an optimistic and positive person in general. I prevent myself of having a cynical view on what organisations achieve in our society. I try to look at the bright side of things. 

Though yes, we strive for sound and durable financial results for a continuation beyond the next quarter. Yes, we adopt the newest technology for the progress of humanity. Yes, we keep an eye on our environment and avoid the depletion of natural resources. Yes, we look at the needs and emotions of our audiences and respond to them creatively and yes we care about people and society at large. 

And yet the work touched something different. It is the realisation that there is still another perspective to organisations. A perspective that is beyond professional management and sound leadership. Something that is overlooked. 

It is literally the promise and the chance of ‘kissing the soul’ that touched me. Just imagine for a minute what that ‘kissing the soul’ could mean.

And try to find the moments when you just did not even think about it because other things were more important and kept you deeply and sincerely occupied.

The sentence is so powerful for me, because, once you realise that kissing the soul is possible, forgetting it becomes an impossibility. 

And in that lies the great source for a new relevance for organisations. A relevance that supersedes the common ideas what good organisations are about.