the hidden treasure of europe

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Strategic organisation design is a creative exercise. It involves coming up with applicable forms to realise strategic repositioning. What guides the development of that new position and what references do you call on for the development of meaningful solutions?

At Stordes we believe that we have the richness of the whole man to our disposal, not just the homo economicus or the zoon politikon. The broad spectrum of the human existence and all its proceeds provide excellent input for strategically valuable organisations in full colour.

From this point of view Europe is great continent to learn from. It is an extremely rich collection of references to fullness of our human existence. Not only in the many cultural artifacts Europeans have created over the centuries and that we stumble upon wherever we go in this old world, but also in the rather stormy political developments over the centuries that have resulted in even more innovative political structures which are certainly not finished yet.

The heritage of this cultural and political progress which is still on-going, can help us to come up with great new solutions for organising human endeavours. In Europe we are in a unique position to reap the results of great artists and thinkers, of people who celebrate humanity in all its aspects and create beautiful art. We can also feel the human care for landscapes, buildings and cities that we have so carefully created, preserved and cleverly married with modernity.  

So when the question arises where to look for ideas when it comes to strategy and organisation innovation we might look at the visitors from all over the world who flock to the European continent. They enjoy experiencing our past and present. As Europeans we do not have to travel, we just have to open our eyes and work with what is so ubiquitously present. And that is what we as Stordes try to do in our engagements.