palladio's lessons for the design of organisations: 3. the attractiveness of the uncommon

We keep in our minds images of how certain things are expected to look, based on certain characteristics they should have. Certain organisations are organised in certain ways and look accordingly.

Yet the real interesting things happen when we encounter something unexpected, something that deviates from what is the common. When we see the designer has taken things one step further, We do recognise the classical picture, but some how it is different, uncommon. 

And in that space of the uncommon lies the real attractiveness. In the organisation we can do things with a twist, we enlarge elements, change the rhythm or apply different forms. And while many parts remain within the known mental frame, the total becomes something interesting and appealing through thise uncommon elements.

In organisations the odd things may stand out and these need not to be flattened through common practices but they could be cherished and made part of the whole. It certainly will add to the attractiveness.