palladio's lessons for the design of organisations: 1. the power of interpretation

Not just applying the (classical) design rules, but interpreting the underlying principles in relevant forms makes an organisation standing out. Interpretation offers a interesting palet of divers outcomes which still reflect the original qualities.

Through such a design approach organisations occur that withstand time, keep their newness  and remain worthwhile. Mindless application of rules leads to boredom and obsoleteness.

The capability to interpret is rooted in deep understanding of the essence and a will to do that essence justice. Interpretation is a real form of creativity. Interpretation thrives through a subtle combination of modesty and personality. 

The value of organisational trends and solutions is the opportunity to go back to their roots and their core values and use the findings to design and create unique and special organisations. We have compared to Andrea Palladio enormous and easily available sources to draw from when it comes to (organisation) design. A great opportunity to build for for longevity.