palladio's lessons for the design of organisations 2: the joy of variation

The design proces never stops. Even when the results of a current design effort results in a tangible object, the next design question come forward and new angles to it are needed. 

There is an enormous joy in exploring new forms, without discrediting the previous ones, but honouring them with new variations.

We do not need fixed forms of organisations, we need variation. A variation that do recognise the diversity of people, place, need, time, mindset, budget.

Variations however, do show the shared themes, the style and approach of the makers. 

Variations allow for progress and development and result in colorful oeuvres of work.

The oeuvre of Paladio shows an enormous diversity of joyful variations, while the classical theme and elegance of the building are undeniable from the hand of the master.