power is reality not to be ignored in any purposeful social space


power is a reality. from the raw power of oppression to the positive power of stimulation and convincing, we have to face that reality, also in the purposeful space.

the idea of the purposeful social space as discussed in these updates is rooted in an idea of progress and humanity.  free will and beauty are pillars that are mentioned in the manifest.  the purposeful social space has a  positive and optimistic tone. having said that, we must not close out eyes for the more dark faces of power. power is too important in both its constructive and destructive abilities to be ignored.

power is never absolute in terms of scope and time and that fact provides the opportunity to mold it in such a way that it suits any specific purposeful social space. the numerous angles of power provide a versatile collection of building materials to construct a fitting power edifice for a purposeful social space. distribution, sources, means and expression of power are among the variables to play with. 

this makes power a seventh element of the purposeful social space that needs further exploration.