art and the battle grounds of the digital age: an invitation


the quest for attention in the oceans of digital information is immense.  billions of euro's (or dollars for that matter) are spend to get the attention of the targeted audience, while the means and forms of electronic communication grow every day. the digital space as the battle ground for attention. 

the british sculpture Antony Gormley wrote recently in the financial times:

'This is where value arises: in giving form to something that has happened to us, making it our own and offering it to another'

so much for artificially generated content, algorithm based recommendations and big data generated knowledge.

creating meaning through what we offer to others is what counts. and that meaning comes from our own wonder and experience. that is also what we are longing for to hear listening to others. it is the base for attention and connection.

i invite you to join me to visit Gormley's work in real life and start a conversation on what it means in your organisation's conquest of the digital space.