the label of a social space is not so much about the form as well about every individual's interpretation of it

the label is an element of the purposeful social space that makes the space identifiable in a remarkable way.

the working of the label are about the very personal interpretation of the individual people that are part of the space in what ever role. every individual interpretation of the label is what counts. 

the form of the label is the collective mark. and because it as always an aggregation of the designers' opinions about the interpretations, that form is always open for discussion. the form can be everything because in essence we can not steer individuals interpretation.

the lesson for marketeers and brandmanagers:

1) forget the delineation between inside and outside, the brand and the target audience, it is the collective interpretation in the social space that counts.  

2) the label is very important, but the form, stricktly, is not,

3) a meaningful interpretation of the label requires free will, beware of preconceived branding ideas.