for a purposeful social space the idea of governance is better captured in the conventions of participation and the ergonomics

how to are purposeful social spaces governed? how are decisions made and executed? what mechanisms of transparency, control, enforcement and retaliation are in place? how political, rational, legal, socially acceptable, sustainable are these mechanisms?

these are questions that relate to what we could call the governance of a group of people. to allow for new thinking in how we organise ourselves, it is a good idea to step away from the single concept of governance and focus on the elements of the purposeful social space. two of then provide a good base for design: the conventions of participation and ergonomics.

the advantage of these elements compared te governance is that they focuses on the people that make up the social space instead of the abstract prescriptions. the conventions of participation describe what is agreed as behaviour for being part of the space (the social contract) and the ergonomics deal with how the users are confronted with the institute. they provide a more real life perspective compared to the control focused approach of governance.