the strategy of design




Building a purposeful social space requires new strategies of organisational design. The traditional definition of the domain of design becomes obsolete. Not only in the expression

The design process faces new dilemma's and unchartered terrains. Borders and responsibilities become fluid. The starting point is obscure, because roles get mixed up and initiatives are needed outside current circles of influence and power. New combinations of expertise are needed, where old authority is put into new light.

There is no one new strategy, the new strategy is more a collection of approaches and attitudes. A strategy that could be seen as a creational movement, a movement of design, materialisation and activation of a purposeful social space.

The new strategies for come with  an evolving body of thoughts and practices. The following are examples of these ideas and concepts:

The explicit notion of desire helps to create a common story and aspiration

The full colour strategy opens up the limitations of narrow business thinking

The shifting of scales and spheres creates appropriate levels of comfort and abstraction

The inclusion of complex reality allows to navigate the going concern

The reduction of design objects allow for the emergence of new forms 



the explicit notion of desire