the label is an element of the purposeful social space that unites and makes the space identifiable in a remarkable way



under the label 'brand' the first images


brand footprint


the label becomes a product name

the name becomes a brand

the colours of the tribe

i behave like a cool (intellectual) art dude with money

i love it here


traditions of food


an evolution towards the end of the label?

the label of a purposeful social space is of enormous importance. it is an valuable signal for the people within that space. because of its significance it is the subject of thought and management, especially in the modern organisation. there is an evolution in what the label is about and in the end we maybe at a point where it looses its function and becomes detached from the object that is supposed to represent. 

when people cooperate toward a common purpose the label starts as the symbol of that cooperations and interaction. it is the point of reference, a sign of recognition. it helps people to identify themselves with the space and connect with others. the label comes a mark, a symbol that begins to get a value beyond its naming quality. 

the label changes its function and is not only the mean towards a unity and identity, it becomes and end in itself. attention shifts from the space and what that stands for to the label itself. the value is even expressed as a financial asset, that need to be cared for. the underlying purpose is overshadowed by the name and fame of the label itself.

the meaning of the label becomes a fabrication in its own right with all the attached values to it. it transforms into an entity on its own with intangible attributes that are virtually constructed. the words and images associated with the label become the label. the story gets complicated and the effort needed to mend and communicate this detached value increases largely. 

to manage this proces of creating this artificial meaning of the label, new approaches are invented. one needs to justify the high cost of the maintaining the construct. so the hollow meaning needs guidelines and starting points. the meta-descriptions are born and in the end even the content of the synthetic label value disappears to be taken over by empty abstractions. the last substance of label dies and the purposeful social space is left without a sensible label and struggles with its identity.

the lesson: the label is just a label. it is of enormous importance and needs great care, but is just a label for the meaning that is incorporated in the purpose, the human interaction, the breathing space and the shelter required.

and any modern organisation that wants to become a true purposeful social space, should bare this in mind.